Something New is coming…

Matcha (Green tea) cupcake baking mix

We’ve got a new flavour of baking mix to launch soon.

What’s the flavour you say? It’s Matcha (Green tea) cupcake baking mix


Why, you say. I say why not? Matcha is an ingredient and flavour unique to us Asians. It pairs surprisingly well with cakes The Matcha (green tea) powder is bitter by nature, it counter-balances the sweetness of cakes very well. Suitable for the asian palates, where we like our desserts are not too overly sweetmatcha & redbean cupcake

What’s a Matcha cupcake going to taste like?

To me: it’s kinda bittersweet, but with a subtle taste and aroma of green tea. Which can be heightened by pairing with a cuppa hot green tea.

Health Benefits?

Additional benefits: Matcha contains 20 times more antioxidants than blueberries & pomegranates. source:

So why not? Matcha cupcakes.

R Little Cakebox uses Uji Matcha powder  made by Japan famous green tea named UJI, it is directly imported from Japan, the matcha powder is classified halal

New Matcha cupcake baking mix. Coming soon…