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Salted caramel vanilla cake

The secrets to Salted Caramel

What is it about salted caramel that makes us go “woo, wow, yumm..”? Myself included. When you logically thing about it, it is only make from a few ingredients-just sugar, cream and a pinch of salt. Caramel makes plain vanilla taste complex. You get the taste of richness, sweetness, a depth of bitterness from the

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tray of chocolate cupcakes

Taking your feedback into action

We have improved with more in our chocolate cupcake mix and making our frosting less sweet. Hi everyone, we have gotten several positive feedbacks from our supportive friends and customers as well as areas to improve on our baking mixes.We have heard you! And thanks to your feedbacks, we have made a few changes to

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Churros: my childhood fav

Churros. Churros reminds me of my childhood with my parents at the amusement park. Whenever i taste cinnamon sugar crusted churros it brings back a nostalgic feeling. My second brush with my childhood fav food was in melbourne, Aus. It was a small street side stall just outside flinders train station. I can still remember

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