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Cheats-Mini chocolate cakes with salted caramel filling

I’ve got this recipe from my sister a couple of weeks ago, and have been meaning to try it. Until today, I made a batch. It is best eaten when it’s still hot, that way, you get the ozzey caramel filling inside. -Be careful though, not to scald your tongue. The only thing I would

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tray of chocolate cupcakes

Taking your feedback into action

We have improved with more in our chocolate cupcake mix and making our frosting less sweet. Hi everyone, we have gotten several positive feedbacks from our supportive friends and customers as well as areas to improve on our baking mixes.We have heard you! And thanks to your feedbacks, we have made a few changes to

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Spiked oozey chocolate…

  Whenever I have one of those “Blah” days. My feel good pick me up would always be : Chocolate! Better yet if it’s oozey chocolate. Depending on my moods, you can have it spiked with Kahlua (what I did this week), or the more day-time friendly version (coffee). The best thing about this recipe

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