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cupcake toppers

Free downloadable: Christmas cupcake toppers

  With the Christmas parties coming up. We have created and designed Christmas cupcake toppers for you. As a means to decorate and beautify your cupcakes for the Christmas holidays. Just download the PDF file and  print as many as you need. Have fun. christmas cupcake toppers light-pdf     christmas cupcake toppers-pdf

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For that summer party oomph

  For a bit of a decorative spin. Here are some cupcake wrappers available for download cupcakewrappers-summer ombre Suitable for that summer party in a fashionable ombre.  

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Nostalgic Cinnamon buns

  Cinnamon buns: Fluffy bun filled with coils of cinnamon and brown sugar. Topped with sticky goo of sugary maddness. Before, you bite into them, the aroma and smell of cinnamon buns hits your nose. Yumm. You can’t beat the classics. And I love cinnamon buns. So maybe I’m biased. Recipe (Adapted from Anna Olson)

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A french way of saying Lemon tart

It’s been a while since i last posted anything. Well, I’m back from my break in Singapore, and here again. I normally bake something dessert-ish for caregroup every alternate friday… and I enjoy doing it. I was so shocked that before I came into the picture, snacks after caregroup was often popcorn or potato chips.(my

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Let’s start!

Let’s start. Our bodies are God given and  created, hence they are important to me. What we consume and put into our mouths directly affects our bodies. Therefore,  I believe in indulging in only the best natural gourmet ingredients you can get your hands on. Ingredients that have not been modernized by man with chemicals

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