The secrets to Salted Caramel

What is it about salted caramel that makes us go “woo, wow, yumm..”? Myself included. When you logically thing about it, it is only make from a few ingredients-just sugar, cream and a pinch of salt.

Caramel makes plain vanilla taste complex. You get the taste of richness, sweetness, a depth of bitterness from the caramel plus a hint of saltness. I’m practically drooling just recalling the describing the taste.

So why can’t we keep a handy batch of salted caramel in our fridge? I do that. For that last min easy dessert over cupcakes, cakes and ice-cream.

Frankly it is not hard to make salted caramel, and I’m going to share my recipe with you all.

Just be warned: At all times, DO NOT BE TEMPTED TO LICK THE SPOON, when making caramel.

Tips/secret to making caramel

Here are my tips/secrets to making salted caramel

    • Always make caramel in a deep pot (cause it bubbles up really high when cream is added)
    • Add just enough water to wet the sugar, to prevent it from burning
    • When all of the sugar has melted, do not stir. Instead brush the sides of the pot with water.
    • For safety precaution, turn off the fire/gas before adding the cream
    • Use a long whisk to avoid burning yourself when the caramel bubbles up


Salted caramel vanilla cake

    • 175grams  caster sugar
    • 150ml double cream
    • 20grams unsalted butter
    •  Large pinch of sea salt


  1. Cook sugar on medium heat until it has turned slightly brown
  2.  Turn off the heat and add in all of the cream. (whisk the cream)-at the stage the caramel will bubble up
  3.  After the mixture has calmed down add in butter and pinch of sea salt.
  4.  Allow to cool before using. (resist the urge to taste-as it is still very hot)


I store my stash of salted caramel in a glass jar, so that it is easy to reheat in the microwave when I wish to use it.

Give it try and let me know.

Happy baking everyone:)