The fancy name: Vanilla sugar


When you walk into those gourmet food stores that sell all kinds of expensive ingredients and things.

In one of the aisles you will always find: vanilla sugar and all other kinds of flavored sugar. i.e. cinnamon sugar, lavender sugar etc

What is vanilla sugar?

vanilla sugar

It is basically plain caster sugar that has been infused with a flavors and aroma of vanilla. It has a beautiful flower-y aroma of vanilla and can be substituted for any baking recipe that calls f
or vanilla extract or vanilla bean paste.

Instead of buying vanilla sugar for gourmet/artisan food stores I make my own.

And it is so easy.

You would need:

vanilla bean pods, fine caster sugar, large air tight jar

Vanilla Bean

1. slice the vanilla pods lengthways and insert into a air tight jar filled with fine caster sugar

2. let the flavors infuse for two weeks and it is ready to use.

Have I inspired you to make your own?