A french way of saying Lemon tart

It’s been a while since i last posted anything.

Well, I’m back from my break in Singapore, and here again.

I normally bake something dessert-ish for caregroup every alternate friday… and I enjoy doing it. I was so shocked that before I came into the picture, snacks after caregroup was often popcorn or potato chips.(my fiance then was leading the caregroup) hmmm……  a far cry of what caregroup used to be for me in melbourne.

Anyways, since then I have changed the dynamics. So, this week is no different. Something dessert-ish as usual. :P

I’m thinking… Tarte Au Citron. – A french way of saying Lemon tart.

Hope, I’m tempting my fellow caregroup members to join us this friday. :) See you all there.