Taking your feedback into action

We have improved!

We have improved with more in our chocolate cupcake mix and making our frosting less sweet.

Hi everyone, we have gotten several positive feedbacks from our supportive friends and customers as well as areas to improve on our baking mixes.We have heard you! And thanks to your feedbacks, we have made a few changes to our cupcakes baking mixes.


Less sweet frosting

vanilla with caramel drizzle We have modified all of our frosting recipes to be less sweet now, (customised to the malaysian palate). We have updated our frosting video tutorial (to the less sweet version)


http://rlittlecakebox.com/video-tutorials/  Our  modified frosting recipes on all of our baking mixes packaging (can be found with our new batch of packaging)



More delicious chocolate cupcakes

 tray-of-chocolate-cupcakes-1196px-croppedOur Chocolate cupcake baking mix now comes with more quantity. We heard from a little birdie that there isn’t enough of our delicious chocolate cupcakes to indulge in. Our new batch of chocolate cupcake baking mix now comes with more. (from 267 grams/box  to  361grams/box now) 


Thank you everyone for helping us improve our products. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please do contact us through our “Contact” page.

Rowena, signing out. :)