Let’s start!

Let’s start.

Our bodies are God given and  created, hence they are important to me. What we consume and put into our mouths directly affects our bodies.

Therefore,  I believe in indulging in only the best natural gourmet ingredients you can get your hands on. Ingredients that have not been modernized by man with chemicals and what nots for better profit margins. “Rustic” Ingredients that our grandparents had in the past.

Especially with cakes, cupcakes, desserts-which  i am a big fan of. I choose to pay close attention to the ingredients I use in baking. I use the best quality ingredients I can afford. After all if you are going to indulge in a slice a cake, with all the calories and what not-it better taste good.

Choice of ingredients makes a different in the taste factor. No margarine or butter substitutes  for me. It’s gotta be pure butter with 80% milk fat.

Well that’s all just my philosophy to eating anyways.