Our philosophy

Our Philosophy

Eating- is almost considered a national past time, and desserts are always a number 1 favorite of mine, I would often look at the desserts portion of a restaurant menu first before considering the main course. ¬†Wouldn’t you want to indulge in the best tasting desserts with high quality ingredients? Just like using the freshest ingredients in cooking for the best tasting meals, using high quality ingredients that’s all natural without any preservatives and artificial flavoring and coloring for baking produces the best tasting desserts.

Using Madagascar bourbon vanilla pods (considered the best variety of vanilla) from Heilala with a creamy, sweet and rich flavor, for our Vanilla cupcake and Chocolate cupcake mixes, & Callebuat cocoa powder (rich and dark), for our Red velvet cupcake and Chocolate cupcake mixes.

Our tagline: For the time deprived foodies; because using our mix in just 3 easy steps (preheat, mix and bake) and a few basic ingredients & 25 mins later- freshly baked all natural gourmet cupcakes out of the oven, perfect results every time.

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